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Season: SPRING 2024   
Fri May 24, 2024 5:59pm


Game Time Check In

It is VERY IMPORTANT that all Head Coaches, Assistant Coaches, or Team Contacts that will be preparing the documents or passes for check in at games are aware of the following.

—   All coaches on the player's side of the field MUST provide a YSSL printed Hard Pass to the referee at check in. There are no other forms accepted. (No mobile pass, no USYS laminated pass, no email verification) If your coach gives the referee a hard time about this, the referee will report it to the league to address. If the referee does not ask your coach for their YSSL coaching pass at check in, then please have your coach send an email to me with the game #, so we can educate the referee on check in rules. We want everyone to be on the same page.

—   All Guest players must be selected in the YSSL system when creating your game card. They cannot be hand written on the printed game card. (The only exceptions are IWSL or CIYSL guest players may be hand written on the game card as they will not appear in the YSSL player system.)

—   Both teams (Home & Away) MUST print a game card to provide to the center referee for check in.

—   For check in of rostered players & guest players your team must provide one of the following…

    1)   The additional pages of the game card. This will be the 3rd, 4th, or even 5th page of the game card that shows the Player's Name, Photo, & Pass #. If you choose this method, the additional pages MUST be printed in color and MUST be printed within 48 hours of the game date.

   2)   The USYS paper passes. If you choose this method you MUST print them in color. They MUST be separated and laminated individually.

   3)   YSSL Printed Hard Passes

Thank you for making check in run smoothly. :o)

 2 months ago

Game Change Rules

1)   A game change MUST be agreed upon by both teams before it should be entered in the YSSL system.

2)   The team that needs the change is the team that should enter the game change in the YSSL system. This may not be the home team.

3)   If you are changing the date and/or the time of a game it will count as one of your team's 2 free game changes.

4)   If you are ONLY changing the field location, it will not count as one of your team's 2 free game changes.

5)   If you MUST change a game and today is less than 5 days from the current game date or less than 5 days to the new game date there will be a $75 fee required that MUST be paid prior to completion of the game change.

6)   If you submit a Mediator Request form and the Mediator facilitates an agreed upon change for the two teams, then the Mediator will request the change from the league and advise if one of the teams should be charged for the change.

---------------------------------------------------------- -----------------------------------------

IMPORTANT:   The league does not allow game changes that are for the next day. The game will be cancelled and will be entered by the league as a forfeit and will not be rescheduled.  

Example.... Today is Friday, your team has a game scheduled for Saturday and you cannot field a team.) Below is what you MUST do. This is ONLY for games to be played the next day.

                -   Call and email the opposing Head Coach & Team Contact. Provide them the game # advise the game will not be played and the reason you are unable to play the game as scheduled.

                -   If you are the Home team contact your assignor (phone, email, or text). Provide them the game # and which team is unable to play the game as scheduled and why.

                -   If you are the away team, contact the Home Team to give them the game # and reason you are unable to play.  Remind the Home team to contact their assignor when you call & email them you cannot make the game.

               The assignor will cancel the referee and alert the league the game is cancelled.

---------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------

 2 months ago

Let's Stop the Confusion About Passes

Coaches - hard plastic YSSL pass ONLY (no laminated pass is acceptable)
Here's what that looks like...YSSL Coaching Pass
YSSL rostered players - hard pass OR laminated pass OR game card printed with passes attached in color within 24 hours.
Guest players - YSSL guest players MUST be pre-selected on printed game card with passes attached (can not be handwritten on game card), within 24 hours, in color.  IWSL or CIYSL players must have separate pass and can be hand-written on game card.
 2 months ago

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 League Office

Office hours:

Tuesday & Wednesday 10 am to 2 pm

Monday/Thursday remote hours 10 am to 2 pm

If you reach out after 2pm on Thursday, we may not respond until Monday.

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