Coaching Pass Rules & Requirements - 3 Part Process

Part 1 - Coaching License

Grassroots Course for Competitive Coaches

The following Grassroots courses are the replacement for the E License, which is no longer offered. All current E License holders will not need to take this course. Please see below the new competitive course steps for coaches wanting to coach competitively.

Step 1. Create a coaching profile in the US Soccer Digital Coaching Center(DCC). DCC Link (Free)

Step 2. Complete the US Soccer Introduction to Grassroots Coaching Module (Free - 20 minutes)

***Note: If you have previously completed the "F" license, skip to step #4***

Step 3. Complete one 2 Hour Online Course – 4v4 course (currently available) 7v7 or 9v9 or 11v11 courses (coming soon) ($25 per course payable to US Soccer)

Step 4. Attend one 4-hour In-Person Course – either 4v4 or 7v7 or 9v9 course ($125 per course)

Step 5. Attend one 4-hour In-Person 11v11 Course ($125)

***Note: Use this link to register view the available Coaching Courses offered and register to attend. Coaching Education Courses Registration Link

Step 6. After completion of the 11v11 Course, a link will be sent to you by the IYSA to participate in the Introduction to IYSA Competitive Club Soccer Webinar (Free - 60 minutes)

Total Cost - $275

This pathway will qualify you to take the D license course, should you want to pursue further coaching education. There is no wait period between completion of the Grassroots and registering for the D license course.
If your club wishes to host the course, please contact Adam Howarth directly to set up a date and time for the course.

Please direct any questions to:
Adam Howarth
Illinois Youth Soccer Association Technical Director/Director of Coaching

***A coach who will be attending an IYSA coaching course just prior to the season start or during the season, may receive a Temporary Coaching Pass that will allow them to coach for the current season only, while they complete their coaching course. Once the course is completed a copy of the coaching license must be emailed to the YSSL ( and a new 2 year coaching pass will be printed. To apply for a Temporary Coaching Pass, complete these three fields on their coaching license section in the YSSL as follows. 
     Level   Grassroots
     Number   Pending
     Date   (The date the course is being held)

Part 2 - Background Check

To assist with the Background Check process, use the link listed below. This gives access to the IYSA's background search page, which is processed through NGIN. The fees involved ($16.50 per person) are the responsibility of the club. With this service, the club submits and pays for all covered individuals. Once the cleared Background Check email from NGIN is received by the club, enter the Date (date background check cleared), Source (NGIN), & Reference Code (Trace # provided on the cleared email) on the contact's profile page in the YSSL database. These can then be verified by the League through NGIN. Otherwise, if a different Background Check source is used, the club will need to include the documentation/verification from whichever service is used.

Background Check Link

Part 3 - Abuse Prevention Education

Every YSSL member club shall adopt policies prohibiting sexual and physical abuse. Persons that have contact with athletes must successfully complete the US Olympic Committee SafeSport training every two (2) years.

US Olympic Committee Safesport Link

NOTE! When you login to the US Olympic Committee website, you must take all three courses. Upon completion upload your SafeSport Trained certificate and the date of completion on the contact's profile page in the YSSL database. Your club must comply with this policy in order to be in good standing with the IYSA and YSSL.

Required Courses:
Emotional and Physical Misconduct
Mandatory Reporting Understanding Your Responsibilities
Sexual Misconduct Awareness Education

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