YSSL Coach Pass Requirements
PART 1 - IYSA SportsEngine Background Check/ SafeSport Training
The ONLY accepted background check is through the Illinois Youth Soccer Association (IYSA) link below.
Through the link below, create a SportsEngine profile with an email that you can access right away to complete the background check. Have your concussion certificate from a prior year handy OR complete the FREE concussion training through the link provided. COMPLETE the background check process by clicking on the phrase "COMPLETE SCREENING" on your SportsEngine dashboard. The SafeSport training must be completed annually and through this portal as well. Make sure your NAME and EMAIL match on both the background check and the SafeSport training, so that both requirements sync to your profile. A cleared background check AND an annual SafeSport certificate are both required.
The background check cost is $20.00. Here is the link: 2024-2025 SportsEngine/Concussion/ Background Check /SafeSport link

PART 2 - Coaching Education/License

Please upload proof of your A / B / C / D / or E license to your YSSL profile. "F licenses" will not be accepted.
YSSL coaches must have AT A MINIMUM the 11v11 online course ($25), regardless of the age group they anticipate coaching. The league will not accept 9v9 online, 7v7 online or 4v4 online course.
To further pursue a US Soccer Grassroots License please follow the steps below to "register for a course" within US Soccer's Coaching License Pathway:

    Step 1. Create a coaching profile in the US Soccer Digital Coaching Center(DCC). DCC Link (Free)

     Step 2. Complete the U.S. Soccer Introduction to Grassroots Coaching Module - this is not the course, but an introduction (Free - 20 minutes)

     Step 3. Complete (1) one 2 Hour Online Course – 4v4, 7v7, 9v9, OR 11v11 courses ($25);

     Step 4. Attend (1) one 4-hour Blended course 11v11 blended; 9v9 blended, 7v7 blended OR 4v4 blended. Pick ANY one.

     US Soccer Coaching Education Registration Link

     Step 5. After course completion a link will be sent to you by the IYSA to participate in the Introduction to IYSA Competitive Club Soccer Webinar (Free - 60 minutes)

This pathway will qualify you to take the D license course, should you want to pursue further coaching education. There is no wait period between completion of the Grassroots and registering for the D license course.

Contact Patty at ysslpatty@gmail.com with any questions.

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