About the YSSL

The Young Sportsmen’s Soccer League (YSSL) is a not-for-profit organization incorporated in Illinois since 1968 and is affiliated with the Illinois Youth Soccer Association (IYSA) and it’s affiliates.

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League Structure
The YSSL is run by its’ Officers and Board members who are elected through the member clubs. The league’s members are guaranteed a voice in the direction and structure of the YSSL.  The YSSL has a DOC Committee that gives direction to the league.

Competitive Travel Soccer
The YSSL provides a competitive schedule of games for boys’ teams U9 through U19. (Girls teams are directed to participate in the IWSL, but we do allow mixed teams of boys and girls.) Teams are assigned to divisions by age and their level of competitive compatibility. A schedule of games for each division is created for each season. At the end of the season division standings are evaluated and teams are assigned for the next season. Teams move up and down the levels of competition based upon their earned points.  The seeding is completed by the DOC Committee.

Seasons and Schedules
Outdoor games are scheduled in fall (September – November) and in spring (April – June). There are 8 games in the fall and 8 games in the spring season. The games are split each season between the home and away teams.

Weekend games for 8U – 14U are generally played on Saturdays. The 15U through 19U games are generally played on Sundays.

Each team has the option to enter their game time when registering.

*The YSSL schedules games around your field availability. We accommodate time, day and date restrictions.

League Assigned Referees
The YSSL currently has 7 geographic districts in which games are assigned. USSF certified assignors are appointed and paid by the league. Center Referees are not assigned to games in which they are affiliated with a participants club. Assignors are held accountable for the quality and the reliability of the officials they assign. Each team is provided with access to a Referee Evaluation button for each game. These Evaluations are sent to the league and are the basis for assessments, reevaluation, development, suspension, and dismissal of referees.

Where is the YSSL
Our home-office is located on the south end of Arlington Heights. Board meetings and club administrators meetings are held in the meeting room by their office.

We have over 1200 teams from 185 Clubs. These clubs include private organizations; community organized groups, and park district travel programs. The major concentration of clubs are in the suburbs of Chicago, our geographic area includes Johnsburg on the north, Evanston on the east, Oswego on the south, and Rockford on the west.

Competitive divisions know no boundaries. We try to accommodate geographic limitations on the less competitive divisions.

Dedicated to the development of soccer for kids under 8 through young adults under 19 by providing an organized competitive soccer program at all skill levels.

YSSL Programs to Improve the Quality of Youth Soccer Games

Starting in 1991 the YSSL was the first and only league to require the Head Coach of every team to have a minimum of a State "E" license. The concept was simple. If we improve the level of coaching, we can improve the player’s level of play. To support this idea the YSSL encourages all coaches to take USYSA clinics through the IYSA.

The YSSL feels there is no better officiating system than the 3-man system. With the inadequate number of certified referees in the state 3-man systems are impossible to provide. This league requires a 3-man system for all games U11 – U19. The club assigns the Assistant Referees to the games. To support the development of referees the YSSL supports referee clinics sponsored by our clubs for new and re-certifying referees, from member clubs, who will be assigned as Assistant Referees for their games.

Joining the YSSL
Membership in the league is a privilege extended to a club that is in good standing and exhibits a willingness to abide by the YSSL policies and procedures.

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